• Advancing innovative customer service

    Lisa will:

    • Use the mobile office to provide services at a variety of locations including schools, assisted living facilities and senior centers.
    • Make marriage licenses, birth certificates and death certificates available through local city and township clerk offices.
    • Work to increase access to absentee ballots and offer more opportunities for residents to register to vote.

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  • Defending voter rights and fair elections

    • Making the voting registration process more accessible
    • Visiting campuses throughout the county to ensure students have the information needed to register
    • Ensuring every eligible citizen has access to the ballot
    • Fighting against voter suppression
    • Preventing anonymous special interest dollars from corrupting our elections

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  • Restoring Integrity to the clerk’s office

    • Guaranteeing that all commission meetings as well as the office budget are posted online to allow for greater transparency.
    • Office should not be filled by a paid lobbyist
    • Restoring Fiscal Responsibility: Lisa supports Misc. Resolution 12268 led by Democrats on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners to prohibit county monies from being spent on direct mail voter contact or radio, cable, and television broadcast within 60 days prior to an election; and require all unsolicited direct mail advertising from the county include a disclaimer saying: Paid for with Oakland County taxpayer funds.

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